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Beer, Bait & Ammo by Michael Loyd Young (Burn Magazine)

A SOUTHERNER…by definition is an American who lives in the south…It’s more than that…from Texas to the Carolina’s the south is a way of life.

Visit Burn Magazine to view the full essay or purchase the book!

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Emerging Photographers

Bolivia in São Paulo by Leandro Viana

Everyday, thousands of Bolivians arrive in the city of São Paulo. They come from many Bolivian cities and other countries like Peru and Argentina and bring with themselves lot of hope with the opportunity and promise for a new life. Read the full essay on Burn Magazine Visit the photographer’s website: Leandro Viana…

Independent Work

Bieke Depoorter-1
‘I Am About To Call It A Day’ by Bieke Depoorter (Burn Magazine)

‘I am about to call it a day’ is a sequel on ‘Ou Menya’, a project where I entered the intimacy of families in Russia, while spending one night with them. This time, I have travelled through the United States. It is a series of portraits of places and people where I spent the night [...]…

Newspaper Work

Veiled Truths by Hossein Fatemi (NY Times)

One day I was walking with a female friend in Tehran when she was pulled away by the police and held in one of their offices for a few hours. Her crime? She wasn’t wearing the proper hijab — the head scarf that, in some interpretations of Islam, women must wear whenever they are in the [...]…

Spotlight on Blogs

Horse Racing Fades in Italy by Marco Casino

The immaculate racetracks of Naples loomed like coliseums in the mind of Marco Casino. “I was fascinated by the structure of them at first,” said Mr. Casino, 27, who grew up 25 miles south in Campania, Italy. He made frequent trips to Naples to capture what would be his first photographs: bulky complexes, sprawling gro…

Magazine Work

Northern Montana’s Hi-Line by William Albert Allard

The earnest saga of farming and ranching in northern Montana began with a misconception that verged on a lie: free land, enough to feed your family! But the land wasn’t quite free, and it was far from enough. Read the full story on National Geographic View the full essay on William Albert Allard’s website…