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An Amazing Photography Project Needs Funding: FOCUSED

Many of you may have heard about FOCUSED, viagra the photography project whose aim it is to create an amazing body of work by laying the more modern technology aside to rely on the photographer’s instinct and senses. The project is the brainchild of photojournalists Chip Litherland and Melissa Lyttle.

They are running a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for this incredibly unique project.

Please take the time to read about the project below (reprinted from and consider supporting their vision.

Donations can be made at

You can also tweet the project with the pre-made tweet (copy and paste):

Help @focusedproject send film cameras around the globe challenging photojournalists with only 1 click of the shutter.



One camera. One click. One moment.

In an age where digital photography, cialis the Internet, view and motor drives have accelerated the process of image-making, the thought, vision and construction of the decisive moment gets lost in the rush. FOCUSED will bring a diverse group of photojournalists from across the world together one frame at a time towards a common goal: to rely more on our senses than technology.

One roll of film will hold thousands of miles of travel with photo subjects as diverse as the areas they are sent. Frame by frame, the viewer will get a glimpse of the thought process behind making one singular, thoughtful image.

The Project

Five fully manual 35mm cameras will be pre-loaded with a single roll of film and packed into five separate camera bags. The bags will be shipped overnight across the world from one photojournalist to the next – one in a small town in the middle of the U.S., another among relief efforts in a natural disaster zone, or working the White House press pool. Each photojournalist will get only one click of the shutter.

Just one click.

Photojournalists will document their photos not only on film, but in hand-written journal entries with quotes and technical specs from each situation. Journal entries will be scanned and published alongside the images on the website along with any future gallery showings and publications.

All cameras, film canisters, and notebooks will be retained as a historical record of the project and be used in future gallery showings and print publications.

The Benefit

This is an unprecedented opportunity for hundreds of photojournalists to work together. In addition, all of the money raised through unused donations, print sales, book sales, etc., will go to fund youth photography programs across the globe.  FOCUSED has partnered with Critical Exposure in Washington DC, The AjA Project in San Diego, Through the Eyes of Hope in Rwanda, and Fundacion Ph15 in Argentina to help build their wonderful programs teaching photography to underprivileged youth.