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Julie McGuire on drawing international attention to the plight of street dogs – and winning a WPP award for doing so

If McGuire isn’t well known, pharm  she is certainly well practised – long a keen amateur photographer, cure she has 20 years of experience in PR and marketing and decided that “the switch to visual storytelling was my next challenge”. She was spurred into action in 2005 after moving to India, when she saw the fate of street dogs there. “I was shocked to see the number of dogs on the streets (currently around 250,000 in Bangalore alone), the limited resources allocated to help them, and the attitude of some local people to their fate,” she says. “As I travelled around Asia, I realised that this was a much wider issue than I had imagined and wanted to help raise awareness the best way I could – through storytelling.”

Read the full story on the British Journal of Photography