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New Orleans by Streetlight by Frank Relle

A girl broke Frank Relle’s heart, ask but a city captured it.

He was bouncing back from a soured romance his freshman year at Tulane, advice around the same time his best friend was hurt in a car accident. Together, sovaldi sale they went on long walks in their corner of New Orleans.

“We recovered from our respective illnesses walking around the Garden District and making up stories about the houses we saw,” Mr. Relle recalled. “It got me thinking about how you could use the house as a backdrop to the personality of those inside and get at the theater of their lives.”

It would not be until 2004 — after “I had been fired by everybody I worked for” — that he returned to his hometown and started “New Orleans Nightscapes,” a series of long-exposure pictures of everything from grand manses to shotgun shacks. The images glow with a moody mix of colors, each one hinting at the dramas and routines played out inside. Small wonder one of those images was used as the cover for “Nine Lives: Mystery, Magic, Death and Life in New Orleans,” by Dan Baum, who tells the city’s story through characters and storms.

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