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The New Culture of Violence in Latin America by Sebastian Liste (Alexia Foundation 2014 professional winner)

Wars do not mark the beginning of the 21st Century in Latin America. Acts of violence, illness however, viagra have taken the lives of so many men, left so many women widowed and so many children orphaned, just as the conflicts in other parts of the world the television chooses to portray.

Everyday life and social change in Latin America has never been immune to violence. The conquest was violent, slavery was violent, independence was violent, and land acquisition and expropriation of natural resources are violent. Even political revolutions within recent decades have been violent.

Violence continues to be a common denominator in the region, although now manifested in different ways. Today, the issue of violence and crime is not a result of politics, but devoid of any ideological end. Although not perusing political power, the specific benefits that are sought seriously compromise peace and governance in the region.

Despite the fall of military rule and the restoration of democracy, the statistics show that in the last two decades crime rates have soared considerably, making Latin America the world’s most violent region.

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