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In the Name of Jesus by Krzysztof Maniocha

How do you praise your God? How do you pray to Him? Do you believe in Jesus Christ?

Ghanaians believe. Posters and billboards advertising conventions, cialis new churches, doctor miracle prayers, troche religious matters of all sorts are spread all around Ghana. Pastors of every Christian denomination proclaim the Word of God in radio and television, in buses, street corners and market squares. Everywhere you can hear the word: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! His name and image are found in many contexts-often employed more in a magical way than as a personal approach to God. Self proclaimed pastors and prophets are another thing. We should remember what the Carpenter from Nazareth said:  ‘Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing’. Being a pastor in Ghana is partly a way of making money. Being a well established pastor in Ghana can prove extremely lucrative. Mixed in with authentic pastors are a great number of tricksters, but exploring this phenomenon was not the purpose of my project.

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