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Amelia and the Animals by Robin Schwartz

Robin Schwartz was looking to do something with her young daughter, hospital Amelia.

“I wasn’t that comfortable being a mom, physician ” she recalled. “It was scary. I know cats and dogs. But I had no idea it would be this hard.”

Imagine how the gibbon felt. Or the capuchin, stuff tiger and kangaroo. And for that matter the two-faced cat. Ms. Schwartz has photographed all these animals with Amelia over the past few years, compiling a series of color portraits that are by turns funny, tender, edgy and warm. At their best, they can capture a fleeting moment between the two, revealing an ease and intimacy that is surprising.

“I’m looking for a relationship between Amelia and the animal,” said Ms. Schwartz, who lives in New Jersey, where she teaches photography at William Paterson University. “It’s like creating a fairy tale. I’m looking for this magical connection that may or may not be there. I want the animal in the picture to be as important as Amelia. To be an equal. To have some kind of rapport.”

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Photographer’s website – Robin Schwartz